Our commitments


respect for local communities

We aim to contribute to the well-being of local communities in coffee-growing regions by supporting social, educational and economic development projects.

We respect local customs, traditions and culture. We try to integrate them into our business activities in an appropriate way.

We take steps to minimize the environmental impact of our business activities. We aim to protect local natural resources and contribute to the conservation of the environment for future generations.


quality and authenticity

We are committed to providing coffees of the highest quality, carefully selecting beans from reputable sources and ensuring high quality standards at every stage of the import process


sustainability and equity

We promote sustainable practices throughout the supply chain. We support environmentally friendly coffee growers and strive to minimize the company’s ecological footprint.

We respect fair trade principles. We guarantee fair working conditions and remuneration for coffee producers.



We strive to provide full transparency on the origin of imported coffees, sharing detailed information on producers, growing conditions and processing practices.


in constant search of new collaborations

Our ambition is to build relationships based on mutual trust, honoring commitments and being transparent in our dealings with all our partners.

We foster a spirit of collaboration and cooperation, working together towards common goals and sharing resources.

We encourage open, honest and transparent communication between partners, fostering a clear and constructive exchange of information.


customer service

We offer a tailored customer service for any request, meeting customers’ needs and expectations in an efficient, attentive – and above all, human – way!