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Our specialty coffees

Browse our diverse range of specialty coffees from the world’s most renowned regions. Discover the richness of our best selected coffees and taste the unique flavors of each terroir, carefully selected to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Arabica coffees

OUR Arabica coffees

Robusta coffees

We celebrate the power, boldness and unique personality of Robusta coffees. Dive with us into a world of intense flavors and assertive character by discovering them here :

OUR robusta coffees

Why work with our green coffees importers?

As a French green coffee importer, we understand that choosing a partner for your coffee needs goes beyond a simple business transaction.

We’re excited to collaborate with passionate roasters to create exceptional coffee experiences. Here’s how we work with all our partners:

Ethics and Responsibility

As a corporate citizen, we have strong ethical values. We are committed to promoting fair working conditions, supporting local producers and contributing positively to coffee-growing communities.

Optimal customer experience

Our dedicated customer service team is with you every step of the way. We value every customer and strive to exceed your service expectations.

Sourced products

Of course, as a specialized importer, we offer you privileged access to a diverse range of coffees from Rwanda, Ethiopia and Kenya.

Transparent coffees

Finally, our coffees come with details of their origins, their producers and the sustainable practices that surround them.

Silvermounts Coffee Co.

Our team of green coffee importers in Lyon and Paris

Our team is the beating heart of our commitment to excellence and passion for coffee. Each member brings unique expertise and unwavering devotion to creating an exceptional coffee experience.


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