Vunga Coffee

Discover excellence with our Vunga coffee, a veritable nugget among Rwandan coffees. Grown with care in the majestic mountains of Rwanda, this coffee offers exceptional purity and unrivalled quality.

Vunga coffee seduces the taste buds with its refined, complex flavor profile. Delicate notes of tropical fruit, flowers and honey dance harmoniously in every sip, offering an exquisite caffeinated experience.


Grade AA is the symbol of superior quality in the world of Rwandan coffee, guaranteeing a cup of rare finesse and remarkable intensity. The beans selected for this grade are among the best available, ensuring an unforgettable coffee experience.

Product description :

Species : Arabica

Variety : Bourbon

Grade: AA

Region: Nyabihu

Available Process : Fully Washed

Height: 1850 m to 2000 m

Flavors : Lemon, green apple, pineapple, fig, cherry, honey

Product prices (price per kilo) :

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