Kangocho Coffee

Discover the pinnacle of excellence with our Kangocho coffee, a jewel among Kenyan coffees. Grown in the mountainous regions of Kenya, this coffee embodies the quintessence of quality and tradition.

Kangocho coffee seduces the senses with its bewitching aromas and exquisite palette of flavors. Vibrant fruity and floral notes blend harmoniously with nuances of cocoa and caramel, offering an incomparable taste experience with every sip.


Considered one of the best grades in Kenya, Grade AA is awarded to the largest, most uniform beans. This prestigious grade guarantees exceptional quality, superior flavor and a perfectly balanced cup.

Grade AB is a much-appreciated mark of quality in the Kenyan coffee world. Beans of this grade offer superior size and uniformity, guaranteeing a consistent cup of coffee full of character.

Product description :

Species : Arabica

Available grades: AA, AB, TT

Region: Nyeri

Process : Fully Washed

Height : 1600 m to 1800 m

Flavors : Red berries, citrus, jasmine

Product prices (price per kilo) :

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